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Senior Digital Designer

The Senior Digital Designer is responsible for the design and development of visual and media assets in the learning materials created by the Learning Design team. This includes the development of multimedia assets including audio, video, graphics, artworks, images, and interactive media objects (IMO) All assets are aligned to the style and templates used by Learning Design team members and they will promote visual consistency throughout OES created learning materials.

This role will work with members of the internal OES learning design team, and also external academic partners, and external suppliers to ensure that graphic design at OES represents a standard of quality and innovation that reflects current industry norms and trends, and contributes meaningfully to OES initiatives intended to reimagine online learning.

Reports To:

Team Lead – Learning Design


Key Responsibilities:

The key contribution of the Senior Digital Designer is to act as the creative lead of the Learning Design team and strengthen the OES brand. This is achieved through:

  • Design a range of templates for media, graphics, artworks, learning materials, and interactive packages that will enhance, extend, or augment OES learning products through a combination of multimedia, digital pedagogy, multiliteracies, and digital constructivism.
  • Work with the OES Learning Design team to locate, identify, and exploit opportunities for the development of rich media experiences.
  • Develop and distribute content-agnostic graphic templates for use by OES Learning Design team with a view to promoting rapid deployment of reusable graphic assets.
  • Develop and strengthen guidelines in the creation of images, interactives and rich-media experiences that engage OES partners and students in the online environment.
  • Creating customised visual experiences using a range of industry recognised pedagogy models.
  • Working with the Lead Digital Designer to develop guidelines for the use of multimedia objects, including video, and images, to provide a consistent approach for standardised quality, storage, file sizes, dimensions, and application.
  • Working with Digital Designers to ensure consistency and security regarding the storage, registration and access of graphic and multimedia resources, including internal OES media content and graphic templates.
  • Work with Applications Developers and Front-end developers to design content pages and student experiences that support Learning Designers deliver pedagogy design purposefully to achieve the intended learning outcomes.
  • Work with Learning Designers to define and develop content layout and patterns that can be configured and reused for purposeful design of learning experiences to industry standards.
  • Working with the Quality and Editorial team to audit and assess all internally built OES graphic content with a view to ensuring that course materials are on brand, on style, and reflect the design standards established for the Learning Design team.
  • Pursuing creative and reactive approach to learning design images which is aware of current trends, standards, and expectations in the broader eLearning industry, in the industrial, commercial, and academic sectors, and engaging with all internal and external stakeholders in order to develop approaches which empower the company to exceed them.
  • Working with all internal OES staff and critical partners to develop an ongoing enthusiasm for multimedia experiences and eLearning design work.
  • Mentor Junior Digital Designers and placement students in industry standards and best practice in a media production environment.

Key Requirements – Essential Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

  • Experience in designing for online, learner-centred, flexible education
  • Experience in commercial, industry, or academic creative production environments, with demonstrable competencies in OES preferred products and technologies (including but not limited to the Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Experience in product development and market readiness with an eLearning/academic focus.
  • Demonstrated experience in innovative design methods and tools for online content delivery.
  • Demonstrated ability to pursue innovative approaches to multimedia-rich interactive content development
  • Demonstrated high standard of interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • An appropriate postgraduate tertiary qualification in education or relevant discipline would be highly regarded
  • An appropriate postgraduate qualification in multimedia/graphic design (experience in educational environments would be highly regarded)
  • Confidence to mentor, motivate and inspire the team to strengthen the brand and communicate the visual standards expected of OES products.


  • Engaging & vibrant organisational culture
  • OES Culture Club – calendar of events
  • OES values driven recruitment principles
  • OES strategy reflects respect, honesty & diversity
  • Continuous improvement through challenging & meaningful work
  • Genuine focus on students
  • Mentoring program
  • Leadership & emerging leaders development program
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