LMS & Technology Optimisation

OES can provision and manage a range of learning systems and technologies or work with partners to optimise and manage an existing Learning Management System for the online environment, and to meet the needs of today’s online student.


OES has extensive experience in the design, build, and management of innovative and robust Learning Management Systems, leading to the effective delivery of online learning. While these come in a number of forms, flexibility is at the core of each, ensuring students’ unique needs can be met.

OES systems are designed with the online student in mind, using student data and insights to ensure learning is personalised, dynamic and mobile. OES has the capability to build courses and learning materials natively within a Learning Management System or to develop them externally in packages to suit any learning platform.

OES also delivers and supports a number of optional platforms beyond the core Learning Management System that add value to the student experience. For example, assignment submission, grading and plagiarism management technologies, virtual classrooms to facilitate learning related webinars and information sessions, and online exam delivery and proctoring platforms.

OES understands that university partners may prefer to retain their existing Learning Management Systems. In this instance, priority is given to ensuring that the integration process between OES and partner systems is smooth, and all platforms are configured in line with best practice user experience.

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

"Swinburne Online is a key part of Swinburne’s portfolio of innovative education offerings. Through our joint venture with Online Education Services, Swinburne has become a leading provider of online education. We have learned a lot about what students need in a digital learning environment, what motivates them, and how they learn. Through Swinburne Online we are able to provide access and flexibility to learners from diverse backgrounds, for whom on-campus study is often not an option.”

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

Former Vice-Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology