Dr Erin Jancauskas - OES
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Dr Erin Jancauskas

Academic Director

Erin Jancauskas has end-to-end oversight over Monash Online. A strategic thinker and academic innovator, Erin is adept at bridging the gap between academia and industry, which has proven crucial in the successful launch and subsequent growth of Monash Online.

“I started my career as a student at Monash. I’m excited to be back working with Monash as we innovate our way to a leading position in online postgraduate education.”

With a diverse background in engineering – and a PhD in aerodynamics – Erin well understands the level of planning and detail that goes into the development of long-term projects, such as the launch of one of OES’s university partners. Prior to OES, he co-founded a successful strategic consulting company and worked on more than 150 projects for government, companies, and universities Australia-wide. In his higher education career, Erin has held two professorships and a number of senior university management positions including Dean of Engineering and Head of the Melbourne School of Energy and Environment. He has been nationally awarded for his leadership in engineering education in Australia.

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