Why online learning for higher education

The COVID-19 pandemic hastened the delivery of online learning. By November 2020, up to 55 per cent of university courses globally were being taught completely online (QS Higher Education in 2020: How COVID-19 Shaped this Year report).

Despite the ongoing challenges imposed by the pandemic, higher education providers, including universities and vocational training providers, are now in a stronger position to leverage the teaching, learning and business opportunities offered by online learning. An enhanced online offering can support commercial objectives, positioning institutions to reskill the global workforce as economies seek to recover from COVID-19.

Online education can deliver high quality student experiences alongside increased productivity, reputational gains and long-term sustainability. Higher education providers can transform their learning models or optimise their existing offering.


An online enabler

Through End-to-end Online Program Management or Customised Education Solutions, OES is an online enabler. We support our higher education partners to achieve their strategic objectives through online learning.

  • Futureproof – become an agile competitor in the global education market, with an operating model positioned for long-term growth.
  • Attract a new cohort of learners – expand and diversify your student base with flexible, ‘borderless’ learning.
  • Retain current students – optimise your course design and delivery, student engagement and retention.
  • Customise – introduce online or blended learning at a customised pace, via single units or entire academic portfolios.
  • Enhance on-campus learning – complement face-to-face learning with online learning tools and embed systems that optimise student experiences.
  • Personalise – deliver on-demand learning, responsive support and success coaching, tailored to individual students.
  • Harness data– Organise data into useable, predictive analytics, to inform interventions focused on student success and retention.
  • Stand out in the market– establish a distinctive online presence that ensures programs remain competitive.
  • Experiential learning – use virtual reality simulations to provide students with authentic workplace training.

Online learning in the workplace

Through our Customised Education Solutions, OES shares its digital expertise with industry and employers, enabling clients to improve learner outcomes and create efficiencies in online training design and delivery. Employers in the government, private and not-for-profit sectors can transform their workplace learning, replacing time-consuming and costly training models with fit-for-purpose, flexible online learning. OES also works with industry associations to provide added value to their members through professional development.

OES assists clients to improve workplace learning through online delivery:

  • Maximise return on investment – replace face-to-face events with re-useable learning modules that can be delivered at scale and updated as needed
  • Customise – OES will collaborate with your industry experts to build fit-for-purpose online learning tools and experiences that support business objectives
  • Meet industry standards – deliver accreditation, compliance or competency frameworks
  • Flexibility – enable your staff to complete self-paced training around their work commitments
  • Train – use virtual reality simulations to prepare staff for challenging workplace scenarios
  • Measure – gain valuable insights about staff learning outcomes.

Customised Education Solutions

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Quality learning experiences, delivered at scale

OES firmly believes that the provision of a quality learning experience should not be compromised by the delivery channel and understands that entering the online education market requires significant commitment to develop credible materials, systems and capabilities across the entire student life cycle. Our commercial expertise, combined with our academic heritage, provides partners with proven capability to launch an online offering, quickly and at scale, without compromising quality.

OES is passionate about providing a world-class, high quality online student experience and ensuring the considerable growth opportunities that exist for our partners are realised.

End-to-end Program Management

OES is passionate about providing a world-class, high quality online student experience and ensuring the considerable growth opportunities that exist for our partners are realised.

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