Student Retention

At OES, we develop targeted strategies to help students progress through their study and successfully graduate with their chosen qualification. Our integrated technology ecosystem allows us to capture every student interaction from initial course enquiry through to course completion. Using this data, we can identify and develop proactive interventions across all aspects of learning design and delivery to improve student engagement, performance and retention.

OES believes that better understanding the student’s perspective, leads to optimal design of learning environments, courses and support services in a way that sets individuals up for study success.

Given the majority of today's online students have competing demands on their time, it’s especially important that OES’s dedicated Student Retention team understands the challenges of their demanding lifestyles and their triggers for enrolling. This insight enables them to provide students with the positive reinforcement and ongoing support they need to stay on track.

With student engagement the biggest predictor of retention and ultimately graduation rates, the OES Student Retention team analyses interactions and student engagement across the various learning systems and support services, both during the pre-study phase and at course commencement to identify students that may require extra assistance.

OES also regularly conducts comprehensive research to detect trends across various cohorts of students and to better understand key causes of attrition. Combining this research with propensity modelling to identify at-risk students allows academic and support staff to make targeted interventions.

All aspects of the student experience is continually monitored and reviewed, allowing pain points to be swiftly remedied across the entire organisation, whether through the adjustment of processes or introduction of additional or personalised support programs.

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

"Swinburne Online is a key part of Swinburne’s portfolio of innovative education offerings. Through our joint venture with Online Education Services, Swinburne has become a leading provider of online education. We have learned a lot about what students need in a digital learning environment, what motivates them, and how they learn. Through Swinburne Online we are able to provide access and flexibility to learners from diverse backgrounds, for whom on-campus study is often not an option.”

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

Former Vice-Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology